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A jigsaw puzzle that will transform your home into a gallery

1000-piece puzzle of a Serene Hodgman artwork
1000-piece puzzle of a Serene Hodgman artwork

Discover a jigsaw puzzle that will make your dining table a work of art, with Auckland Museum’s new eye-catching puzzle, the first of an original series drawn from our collections.

Inspired by the success of our free online puzzles, the Museum has created a debut jigsaw puzzle featuring a stunning Serene Hodgman artwork.

Curators Andrea Low and Fuli Pereira led the search through the Auckland Museum collections for the inaugural puzzle, landing on Serene Hodgman’s luminous 2021 artwork Aute, alofa ia te oe / Hibiscus, I love you.

The work is a stunning example of Serene Hodgman’s fusion of tradition with vivid contemporary flourishes. Drawing from the roots of Samoan lalaga, Cook Islands tivaevae and Tongan koloa, the work is a modern extension that Serene has refined throughout her practice. At a distance the work is a kaleidoscopic display of vibrance and colour. A closer look reveals intricate detail, as you piece together the fragments, the subtle nuances of the work come together before you. Piece by piece, every strand, stitch, and knot take on a significance of their own. This puzzle isn’t just about recreating an image – it’s about the process, the patience, and the joy of discovery.

In the form of a puzzle the embellished propylene mat becomes a gathering place for friends and whānau once more. As the foundational mat would host family gatherings, the puzzle invites connection and companionship. Families gather around tables, mixing and mingling as they collectively piece together the visual tapestry.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone dear (or a treat for yourself!) add our puzzle to your basket and let the fun begin. 

Serene Hodgman puzzle box open with pieces in a bag to the side, and some pieces displayed in front.